IMG_7573-300x200There is widespread agreement in the professional literature regarding the influence of academic/
professional education on integration into the workforce, social leadership, the processes of choosing marriage partners and many other social and cultural perspectives. Much has been written about the significance of work as the main pivotal point in the lives of men and women in western civilization. Beyond the many hours that the individual invests in his/her workplace, work fulfills many needs such as: remuneration and support, social standing, self-fulfillment, professional identity, personal satisfaction, interest and appreciation.

Personal characteristics and character traits, cultural, family and social background, socio-economic scholarship-fund-21-300x200
circumstances, talents and qualifications, life conditions and opportunities are only some of the components that induce the individual to choose a certain means of occupation, profession and career or avoid this kind of choice and integration into the workforce. For youth without family support these issues are especially important for their future and integration into society.

Hence, as a direct extension of our support for teenage youth in the youth villages, the pre-/ post-military programs and our sense of social commitment, we at the Spirit of Israel have decided to complement the cycle of support and join the Jewish Agency’s and Naor Family Fund ’s Scholarship  Fund. The fund provides tuition scholarships to graduates with the aim to help them acquire a higher education or professional certification, encourage each one of them to realize their personal potential and move forward with their integration into Israeli society.

maroon-225x300Thanks to the quality of education and the therapeutic care that the teenagers receive in the youth villages increasing numbers of graduates are entitled to a high school diploma. This, along with the quick expansion of Israeli higher education systems in the last few decades attests to an improvement in the accessibility of advanced academic or professional degrees to peripheral communities.

To our immense pleasure, every year many more graduates apply to the Fund requesting a scholarship. We are here in order to help them fulfill their ambitions for a better and more secure future.

Graduates of the Ramat Hadassah, Kiryat Yaarim, Ben Yakir and Hadassah Neurim youth villages who register for academic degree studies at universities and accredited colleges, pre-military preparation programs and high school diploma studies can submit requests for scholarships.

Preference is given to youth who have completed IDF or National Service, graduates who in the past received assistance from the Scholarship Fund or are continuing their studies (up to 5 years) from a low socio-economic background and students who completed their studies at the youth villages.

Students who are entitled to receive a scholarship will be required to do volunteer work for the community under diverse programs in the domains of education, social work and immigrant absorption (for reducing social gaps and strengthening Israeli social foundations) in the scope of 20-40 volunteer hours according to the amount of the scholarship, as part of the activities of the Jewish Agency, the Naor Family Fund and the Spirit of Israel