Our Programs


Wings for Lone Soldiers is one of the many programs that The Spirit of Israel supports because of its involvement towards the advancement of young people in Israel. The Wings Program or “Knafaim” serves as a safety net for young immigrants and assists lone soldiers ages 17 to 35 as they settle into Israeli society. Wings forges the path for these young immigrants to reach their full potential. Successfully operating for 13 years, Wings provides a comprehensive solution for lone immigrant soldiers from the moment they immigrate to Israel and onward as they enlist, serve in the military and are then released and integrated into Israeli society. Wings provide professional service to 1,000 young people a year: 500 before military service, 500 during service and 1,000 young discharged. Read More

Youth Futures

Over 330,000 children in the geographical and social periphery of the State of Israel grow up without the opportunities and tools to develop and realize their latent potential. Over 350 trained mentors of Youth Futures in Israel are taking action every day to change this reality.
The Spirit of Israel supports the Youth Futures program founded by the Jewish Agency, which is designated for children in grades 2-8 and operates for the advancement of children and teenagers in the periphery. Read More

Youth Villages

The Spirit of Israel supports four youth villages in Israel run by the Jewish Agency: Ben Yakir in Kfar Haroeh, Hadassah Neurim in Beit Yanai, Kiryat Yaarim in the Judean Mountains near Jerusalem and Ramat Hadassah in Kiryat Tivon.
In this enterprise, the Jewish Agency created a place and opportunity for thousands of teenagers at risk to break out of their underprivileged state and become integrated in Israeli society. Read More

Pre-Military Programs

Pre-military preparatory programs for teenaged youth from Israel’s geographical and social periphery were founded in 2011 for the purpose of making pre-military education programs accessible to teenagers all over Israel, with a focus on geographical and social peripheral areas.
The Spirit of Israel supports the pre army preparatory programs: “Derech Eretz”, “Alma” and more which gives many teenagers a chance to plan for their army service, develop a sense of social responsibility and find self-fulfillment on a personal, social and national level.  Read More

Post-Military Programs

“Afikim Banegev”
Post-military program for strengthening soldiers who completed their army service.
The Spirit of Israel supports the “Afikim Banegev” program which was developed especially to facilitate the soldiers’ transition from their release from army service to civilian life and to help them express their ambitions, identify their aims, implement their plans and realize their raw potential, as independent citizens and as social activists.  Read More

Scholarships Fund

There is widespread agreement in the professional literature regarding the influence of academic/ professional education on integration into the workforce, social leadership, the processes of choosing marriage partners and many other social and cultural perspectives. Much has been written about the significance of work as the main pivotal point in the lives of men and women in western civilization. Beyond the many hours that the individual invests in his/her workplace, work fulfills many needs such as: remuneration and support, social standing, self-fulfillment, professional identity, personal satisfaction, interest and appreciation.  Read More