Members of the Board of Directors

Moshe Atias – Chairman

Moshe, the CFO at Matrix, joined the organization with its inception in 2001. Atias was a partner in the establishment of Matrix and its issuing of stock at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. In his previous position he served as Deputy Director of Finance for Elron Telesoft, formerly N.C.C.  In 1998 he led the founders of N.C.C in the sale of the company to Elron for the sum $44 million. Mr. Atias is a certified accountant, graduate of Tel Aviv University with a degree in Accounting and Economics. From 1988-2012 he was a guest lecturer with an MA in Faculty Management at Tel Aviv University.  He is married with 4 children, a genealogy enthusiast (researching family roots) and jewelry collector.


Tal Brody – Honorary Chairman

Tal Brody was born in New Jersey in 1943. He came to Israel in 1965 as a member of the US delegation to the Maccabiah.  In 1966 he immigrated to Israel and joined the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, which he led to many achievements. The biggest moment was in 1977 following the victory over the CSKA  Moscow team in the European Cup. After the game, Brody said: “We are on the map, and we’re going to stay on the map – generally speaking, not just in sports.”

After retiring he broke into the insurance field and started getting involved with social issues. In 5734 Tal Brody won the Israel Prize for a “special contribution to society in Physical Culture.”  In June 2010 he was appointed an “Ambassador of Good Will” by the Foreign Ministry.

Joel Koschitzky

Joel was born in Canada in 1960. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Engineering and Management. Joel immigrated to Israel in 1982.

Joel has been active on the Board of Directors since its inception. In parallel to his position as President and Chairman of Surecomp, Yael Software and other companies, Joel is involved with social action through many non-profit organizations that advance the issues of education and pluralism in Israel.

Alan Hoffman

Alan Hoffman has served as Director General  of the Jewish Agency since 2010. Since he was elected Director GenerL, Alan has led a long-term strategic process for Jewish Agency activities. Before taking the position as Director General, he ran the Educational Department of the Jewish Agency and was one of the founders of the Masa Israel Company and Makom Institute which focuses on fresh thinking on Israel’s place in Jewish life. After three years of studies for his doctorate at the University of Harvard’s School of Education, Alan managed the Milton Center for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University for 13 years and also ran the Mendel Center at the Hebrew University.

Motti Shem Tov

Motti serves as President and Director-General of Ex Libris, a prominent supplier of technology to academia and research libraries around the world. Before he joined Ex Libris in 2003 Motti served as President of Surecomp, a global software company with expertise in commercial banking solutions. Mottie has BAs in Economics and Computer Sciences and an MBA from Bar Ilan University.

Eli Zahav

Eli was born in Israel in 1961, is married and the father of two, and has BAs in Economics and Political Science and an MA in Law from Bar Ilan University. He is a Colonel (Res.) in the IDF.

In his 24 years of work for Bank Hapoalim Eli held various management positions and today serves as Manager of the Business Department.

Richard (Richy) Roberts – Volunteer Legal Consultant

Richard (Richy) has supported the Spirit of Israel as a legal consultant on a full volunteer basis for many years. Richy is a founder and senior partner of the Shiboleth and Co. law firm. His professional domains include mainly commerce, acquisitions and mergers, hi-tech, clean tech, oil and gas and international transactions. Richie serves as Director of Bank Discount and formerly served as Director of Bank Hapoalim (1997-2003). In his volunteer work, Richy serves as Chairman  of the Shiur Aher non-profit organization, is a member of the “DocuAviv” Documentary Cinema Festival in Tel Aviv, a voluntary legal consultant for the Kiryat Yaarim, Ramat Hadassah and Kfar Hasidim youth villages, Keren Shemesh, the “Gevohim” non-profit organization and a member of the Hillel Israel Board of Directors.

Richard Pearlstone

Richard (Richie), a graduate of Boston University, is the CEO and Director-General of the Pearlstone Group and the former Chairman of the Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors; since 2011 he has served as an honorary Director and board member. Richard is the former President of the United Jewish Appeal fundraising campaign and has also served on the Board of Directors of the Hapoel Committee and the Strategic Planning for the Jewish Community Committee for the Federation of Baltimore. He currently serves as a trustee member of Clal and the Jewish and Community Research Institute: the National Jewish Center of Learning and Leadership.

Ronen Moas

Ronen was born in Israel in 1973 and is a graduate of Haifa University with BAs in Marine Archeology and Political Science. He is a biking enthusiast. Ronen is the Director-General, owner and partner of the Comsecure Company, the official representative and sole Israeli distributor for the global Eset Company, developers of the NOD32 anti-virus product (2004). Prior to that Ronen served as IT manager at a various companies.

Shaul Lipshitz

Shaul is an architect and entrepreneur, with a degree in Archeology from the Technion and an MA in Business Administration from the University of Haifa. Shaul owns an architect’s office in Kiryat Motzkin, and works at planning and promoting public buildings, commerce, offices and industry.

Moshe Bronstein

Moshe was born in Israel in 1960 and divides his time between his homes in New York and Israel. He is the owner and partner of the Merrin Gallery in New York and has expertise in historic art detail. The gallery exhibits antiques thousands of years old which are purchased by museums and collectors from all over the world.

Gil Ilutowich

Gil was born in Israel in 1965 and is a graduate of the Hebrew University with degrees in Education, Philosophy and Biblical Studies. He serves as Director-General of Compedia, wrote and created many software programs and learning games for children, among them the “Gordi” and “Itamar” series. Gil is ther frontrunner of many technological innovations in the fields of education, immigration and welfare, and has also received prizes for his work in the development of computerized learning tools. Gil is also a reputable author. His books include “Yesh Kan Mishehu” (There is Somebody Here) “Temunot Hatuna” (Wedding Pictures) and “Ochlei Hagahalim” (The Coal Eaters).