The Leadership Group comprises the Spirit of Israel’s volunteer branch which sets personal responsibility as its goal, through a belief that it’s possible to make changes and wield influence.

The Leadership Group deals with the development of projects and their implementation in the field, which help the effort to recruit and develop resources from the private and business sector, by forming connections with businessmen, philanthropists and business firms. The groups appoint dozens of members who come from diverse fields: insurance, advertising, law, marketing, architecture, sales, consultancy and more. Chairman Yami Tarsi leads the group.

Members are motivated by a genuine desire to bring about social change in Israel through social involvement and corporate social responsibility.  The members’ spirit of taking initiative enables widespread and significant social achievement in diverse projects in Israel.

Meeting take place once every month over the course of the year in order to discuss new and existing projects, assess cooperation and get acquainted with new friends.  Different leadership group forums sustain each of the four managers of youth villages supported by The Spirit of Israel. The forum members meet occasionally, usually twice a month, and help with strategic planning, initiating and implementing the different programs according to the needs of the youth village.

Members of the leadership group “adopt” choice projects in the operational framework of The Spirit of Israel, and support them from the planning stage to launch, recruitment of resources and implementation. Members of the group are recognized for their volunteer activity and their high professional capabilities in diverse areas: management, marketing, knowledge of the law, finance, planning etc.

At times the hobbies are what actually guide the members of the group in their volunteer activities: a director who teaches youth how play a musical instrument, a marketing manager who gives lessons in self-defense, a computer engineer who reads a story or a finance manager who conducts a running exercise with a young athlete, one on one. In addition, the members give their time for direct volunteer activities with children and teenagers according to the needs in the field. For example: joint sport activities, trips, lectures, personal mentoring and more.

The entirety of the group is greater than its parts and the strength that drives it is the will to bring about a real change in the state of children and teenagers at risk, and the belief that only if we take action something will change.

If you too have the good will and concern and are interested in taking part in solving social problems, if social corporate responsibility and volunteering is important to you – you can find all this in the Spirit of Israel’s Leadership Group.

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A Project of the Leadership Group

Establishing an Instructional Kitchen at the Ramat Hadassah Youth Village

The Ramat Hadassah youth village offers its students a warm and supportive atmosphere. The achievements of the students at the school in the youth village are constantly on the rise and at the end of the school year over 60% of the 12th grade students received their high school diplomas. Along with the theoretical subjects, the youth village provides for its students many opportunities to study other diverse fields that are intended to provide the students with tools for becoming integrated into society as adults after their release from army service. In the last academic year, the Leadership Group came up with an idea to set up an instructional kitchen that will combine theoretical and practical studies in the field of baking and pastry arts for the benefit of the students. From the conceptual phase to receiving the proper certification in the village to the actual implementation of the program only a few months passed. The Spirit of Israel Leadership Group established the instructional kitchen with help from financial contributions, kitchen equipment and electrical equipment donations and the recruitment of haughty chefs. The kitchen comprises an attraction for students who make cookies and cakes that they can be proud of.

The instructional kitchen joins with other youth village initiatives such as organic gardening, which operates with the close assistance and instruction of the spice farm in Alonei Abba which grows various spice plants. The village also runs a workshop for the production of soaps and cosmetic chemical preparations from these plants, as well as a carpentry shop where the students create diverse products.