Helping 168 Youth Village Graduates to Enlist Like Everyone Else!

After a year of training and preparation came the moment for the 168 graduates of The Spirit of Israel’s youth villages to enlist into the army in the coming months. Most of our graduates do not have the necessary equipment for their recruitment, and so we, their extended family, will be providing them with the equipment that they deserve so much!


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For most Israeli’s this is an exciting day, with the insomnia the night before, the excited family that accompanied us with teary eyes all the way to the bakoom (the army’s induction center), waving us off, and the butterflies in our stomach- our graduates are now feeling the same way, facing one of the most significant moments of their lives and are now enlisting to serve in the army.
Most of the youth in these villages, ages 12-18, have arrived with different educational, social, or personal difficulties. They have a complex socio-economic background and sometimes no family background at all. In the youth villages, thousands of students found a protected, warm and embracing environment, and through the dedicated educational-therapeutic staff that guided them, they developed and overcame the obstacles they faced.

One of the main goals of the youth villages is to help the students eventually integrate into society as independent adults. Therefore, contributing to Israel through a meaningful military service is one of our guiding values. Throughout their last year in The Spirit of Israel’s youth villages, the senior students participate in a preparatory program for military service. This program gives them the opportunity to improve their chances of getting meaningful and significant postings within the military.
The pre-army program not only includes physical training, but also focuses on developing self-confidence and nurturing a sense of identification and belonging to the State of Israel, developing a Zionist identity, and improving chances of a meaningful service. In recent years, the percentage of recruits among youth village graduates is particularly high at 96%. Most of them enlist into a combat posting and are highly motivated to serve.

boys tarining
This year, 168 graduates of our youth villages are boys and girls without much family or financial support. For many of them, enlisting in the IDF with a meaningful posting wasn’t an obvious decision at first, but later this decision to enlist represents a significant step in their identity journey as citizens of Israel.
At such a crucial moment, it is important for us to stand alongside the graduates, sending them to the army with the recruitment kit they deserve and a clear and unequivocal message- that they are never alone. The recruitment kit is not only equipment, but also a promise to the youth that we are there for them down the road.
At The Spirit of Israel, we want to give each and every one of our 168 graduates a full recruitment kit that those from regular homes bring with them to the induction center, and most of our graduates do not have the economic opportunity to pay for on their own. They deserve to arrive to recruitment day with all their equipment, with a sense of confidence. We at The Spirit of Israel will be there with them, to give them a hug and wave goodbye on that significant day.
We invite you to donate to help graduates who are ready to enlist and to provide them with an easy recruitment- just like everyone else’s!

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How can you help?
The cost of the full recruitment kit is NIS 750 (about $215).
In order to raise NIS 126,000 for the 168 graduates who are about to enlist, we have launched a mass campaign. the donations received will enable us to provide each of our recruits with a comprehensive kit: a large backpack, a quick dry towel, a box of underwear, socks, undershirts, a headlight, a watch, and a multipurpose pocket knife.
Our graduates want to enlist like everyone else and we want to help them!
Any donation will be helpful and bring us closer to our goal.
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